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No. 72號, Zhongzheng Rd, Pingtung City, Pingtung County, Taiwan 900

電話 : 📞 +88879
城市 : Pingtung County

No. 72號, Zhongzheng Rd, Pingtung City, Pingtung County, Taiwan 900
石雅宣 on Google

Very happy to find my own ring 💍
林燁萍 on Google

服務很讚 很喜歡❤️❤️
游舒涵 on Google

剛進門就看到櫃位了,很好找 櫃姐態度也很親切 帶媽媽來挑選母親節禮物,他有夠開心🤣 推薦蘇菲亞給要挑禮物的各位
As soon as I walked in, I saw the counter, it was easy to find, and the counter sister was very kind. Bring mom to choose gifts for Mother's Day, he is happy enough🤣 Recommend Sophia to everyone who wants to pick a gift
陳怡萱 on Google

The ring is too small to return to the cabinet to modify ~ After-sales service is in place ~ Recently a lot of new products have been irritated 🤣
楊小妹 on Google

生活滿天星斗 忘了給自己添加亮點 就是要寵愛自己
Life is full of stars Forgot to add highlights to yourself just to pamper yourself
蔡怡玥 on Google

每次來蘇菲亞都會不小心和櫃姐凡惠聊太久🤣沒辦法誰叫這麼好聊! 超喜歡這次挑選的戒指,設計很典雅細緻,好期待收到實體的那一天!
Every time I come to Sophia, I will accidentally chat with the cabinet sister Fanhui for too long. I really like the ring I picked this time. The design is very elegant and meticulous. I look forward to the day when I receive it!
徐月玲 on Google

The service is very cordial, and the recommended styles are all based on our needs and budget. It is very considerate~ Thank you, sister Fanhui
林依佳 on Google

I used to hear from my friends sharing that Sophia’s service is great, and I can really experience it deeply when I visited the store for the first time today! Although it was stated at the beginning that we just want to take a look, the attitude of the cabinet sister is still very good! I also accompany us very carefully to try it on, and I will definitely come back to you if I need it next time!

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