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No. 779號, Youchang St, Nanzih District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 811

電話 : 📞 +8879
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城市 : Kaohsiung City

No. 779號, Youchang St, Nanzih District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 811
show Chen on Google

The tire is flat. The boss rode over with equipment to help me cheer up and check it. The boss and the wife are very nice. Thank you! :)
鄭詠志 on Google

The boss is real, the attitude is very good, and the price is fair
洪永城 on Google

The boss is very polite, the technology and service are very good
cherishyun.c on Google

The boss and the lady boss are super nice! A tyre burst during the ride. The boss came to help us inflate and took us back to the store to change the tyre. The service was super good~
Ling Lee on Google

A group of original Kymco bead headsets were priced at $1000 for repairing locomotives a few days ago. Others also quoted at $500 from the original manufacturer. I feel that the difference is too much! I will definitely not go again in the future. Don't believe it too much in online reviews. It's the best way to ask a few more to compare prices!
官官 on Google

今天在楠梓拯救我的老闆娘與老闆,真的太感動了,在路上電瓶突然沒電,打電話求救,老闆娘親自出來救我,幫我踢車到店裡。 老闆用超快的速度就幫我更換好新的電瓶。 老闆與老闆娘都很親切客氣也很專業實在,收費不貴,真心大推薦,特別跟老闆要了名片紀錄一下❤️
I was so moved today to rescue my boss lady and boss in Nanzi. On the road, the battery suddenly ran out of power. I called for help. The boss lady came out to rescue me and helped me kick the car to the store. The boss helped me replace the new battery with super fast speed. The boss and the boss lady are very kind and polite and professional, the charges are not expensive, I really recommend it, especially ask the boss for a business card record ❤️
Rolan Huang on Google

自己帶行車記錄器請老闆裝 老闆很親切,動作又快 價格又便宜,以後決定都來這邊弄車了!
Bring your own driving recorder and ask the boss to install it The boss is very kind and fast The price is cheap, I decided to come here to get a car in the future!
Satsuki Yang on Google

The service of Jiqing Locomotive Depot is really good. The service staff are very kind to help me deal with and answer when I encounter a car accident ☺ And the repair speed is quite fast! Big push~~~

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