Tainan City Government Bureau of Social Affairs - Anping District

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地址 :

No. 6號, Section 2, Yonghua Rd, Anping District, Tainan City, Taiwan 708

電話 : 📞 +8899
網站 : https://sab.tainan.gov.tw/
城市 : Tainan City

No. 6號, Section 2, Yonghua Rd, Anping District, Tainan City, Taiwan 708
風宇 on Google

I don’t understand the business and push it around. In the end, people need to check it online and they don’t know that the salary is so good.
翁嘉汶 on Google

中午我知道大家是休息時間,家屬有針對身心障礙人事的困難求救,反而要等到工作時間打電話處置,這樣針對身心人員想不開如何處理! 會打電話求協助是針對家屬沒辦法處理。
At noon, I know that it’s time for everyone to take a break, and family members have to call for help for people with disabilities, but they have to wait until working hours to call for treatment. This way, people with physical and mental disabilities cannot figure out how to deal with it! Calling for help is for family members who cannot handle it.
林延陽 on Google

The Social Affairs Bureau is a good public unit that helps people, reduces crime, and accumulates virtue. Social workers rush to care about the people's suffering and make Guotai and the people's peace the cornerstone of the country's stability. The social politics class is even more talked about, like the earth and the public, so you don't feel sad.
曾奕盈 on Google

The road is spacious and comfortable and there is a good place for slow walking~
楊小如 on Google

行事沒有效率,包含疫苗 多的是人連第一劑都沒打 就有人排到第4劑了 不是說要提高第一劑遍佈率?
Acting inefficiently, including vaccines Many people didn’t even get the first dose Someone is in the fourth dose Doesn't it mean to increase the first dose spread rate?
藝心 on Google

接電話的老人講話超噁心 什麼一直叫我問媽媽 怎麼不去死 超噁
The old man talking on the phone is so disgusting, why keep asking me why I don't die, so disgusting
YU HSUAN KAO on Google

Please deal with the infant abuse incident in the new camp seriously. If you don't see the follow-up report, you will continue to give a one-star evaluation.
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