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929, Taiwan, Pingtung County, Liuqiu Township, Lane 3, Heping Rd, 4之6號小琉球私房館

電話 : 📞 +8898
網站 : https://bed-and-breakfast-5622.business.site/
城市 : Heping Rd

929, Taiwan, Pingtung County, Liuqiu Township, Lane 3, Heping Rd, 4之6號小琉球私房館
白彤霏 on Google

The first time I went to Xiaoliuqiu, I was lucky. I met a professional boss who patiently solved all our problems and showed us around. The room was comfortable and clean. Relax and have fun, thank you boss, I will go again next time, look for the boss as well! Super recommended, thanks for the hospitality! !
Yu-Ching Chang on Google

沒有華麗的裝潢門面,但每一間房間都有老闆的用心 整體十分乾淨 連廁所地板都會發亮的那種 對於行程的安排也十分到位 也會很在意客人的感受 對於問題也會立即處理 下次回琉的首選
There is no gorgeous decoration and facade, but every room has the owner's intentions. The whole is very clean, and even the toilet floor will shine. The arrangement of the itinerary is also in place, and I am very concerned about the feelings of the guests. I will deal with the problem immediately next time. Ryu's Choice
韻珊黃 on Google

很乾淨 很便宜 旅行前問說有什麼行程 老闆說來了再決定要玩什麼依海況 有麻花捲可以吃 小孩一個兩歲 一個五歲 浮潛活動要教練只帶我們一家四口比較安全 三天兩夜的晚餐 烤肉的海鮮真的很新鮮 火鍋也吃的很撐 都飽到吃不下宵夜 老闆人真的很熱情 下次來還會選擇這間民宿 謝謝老闆喲???
very clean Very cheap Before you travel, ask about your itinerary The boss said it, and then decide what to play depends on the sea conditions There are twist rolls to eat One child is two years old and the other is five years old It is safer for the coach to only take our family of four for snorkeling activities Dinner for three days and two nights The grilled seafood is really fresh Hot pot is also delicious Too full to eat supper The boss is really friendly I will choose this homestay next time Thank you boss ???
胡椒 on Google

很有趣的一家民宿,老闆可以提供很多有趣的好主意,不論去哪玩去哪吃老闆都有一套好推薦好去處。 浮潛的部分很棒,看看海龜從旁邊游過去,看著海蛇從下方鑽出來,還有天使魚砲彈魚等等有趣且漂亮的魚隻漫遊。我個人覺得應該可以自己準備個防水袋包手機,好下去水裏拍自己喜愛的生物。 海龜很震撼,尤其是這一趟有發現一隻巨大海龜,可能有150公分長,很值回票價。另外還有看到一顆超長海膽。水域的生物真的很多。 燒烤的部分其實也沒什麼好挑剔的,全程都在烤肉烤海鮮,可以吃得很過癮。反正盡情的烤出食物就對了。 小琉球全島都挺有趣的,我覺得很值得來玩,下一次再來肯定要好好的再看看海域,再來找老闆聊兩句。
A very interesting homestay. The boss can provide many interesting and good ideas. No matter where you go to play or eat, the boss has a set of good recommended places. The snorkeling part was great, watching turtles swim by, watching sea snakes burrowing from below, angelfish, cannonball fish, and other interesting and beautiful fish roaming around. I personally think that I should be able to prepare a waterproof bag to pack my mobile phone so that I can take pictures of my favorite creatures in the water. The turtles are very shocking, especially when a huge turtle was found on this trip, which may be 150 cm long, which is worth the fare. Also saw a super long sea urchin. There are really many creatures in the waters. The barbecue part is actually nothing to be picky about. The whole process is grilling meat and seafood, which can be very enjoyable. Anyway, it's just right to bake the food as much as you like. The whole island of Xiaoliuqiu is very interesting. I think it is worth visiting. Next time I come back, I must take a good look at the sea area and talk to the boss again.
黃彥程 on Google

A really nice house with friendly host.
John Musicaca on Google

Simply great! The hosting family is amazing.. Recommended for everyone!!
F H on Google

The owner is well known on the island and get reservations for you for places you want to go or eat.
Jarda Vašák on Google

This place is not just a place to stay, it is way more. The hosts are really lovely. They took care of us during our two-night stay with bad rainy weather here and so, in the end, we enjoyed the stay here very much. The family who is taking care of this place is really amazing, they are super nice and kind and help you with everything you need without asking something in return. They do not speak English, but they still try to speak with you and entertain you as much as possible. They use Google translate so no one needs to worry about not understanding each other. I was practising here my Chinese and it was great, even after three months in Taiwan I was able to hold some basic conversation with them. So for all Chinese beginners, this place is a gem. The rooms are smaller and simple but nice and cosy at the same time. They have wifi here, they can lend you a bicycle, give you a scooter ride and much more. I definitely recommend this place if you are planning to stay a night at LiuQiu so you can enjoy it fully here.

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