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No. 6之6號, Hengnan Rd, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan 946

電話 : 📞 +8888898
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城市 : Pingtung County

No. 6之6號, Hengnan Rd, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan 946
Konrinzai Kon on Google

The short-haired hoarse aunt has a bad attitude, asking a question reluctantly and arrogantly, her service attitude is very different from that of Nanwan Station. If it weren’t for the self-service refueling machine at Nanwan Station, who would come here to be angry with you?
林倉合(盒子) on Google

Kaibo Lu on Google

It is the only one of the three gas stations found in Hengchun Town that has self-service gas and a relatively new appearance.
燕南飛 on Google

服務親切,態度自然 折扣點數,毫不含糊 油品要求,絕不馬虎 優質先發,五星好評
Friendly service, natural attitude Discount points, no ambiguity Oil requirements, never sloppy High-quality first mover, five-star praise
陳致瑋 on Google

此間加油站在台26線上、比較靠恆春市區,這一次環島為了走200縣道經過滿州去看看旭海,所以選擇了這間使用台塑油品、也有自助加油服務的速邁樂恆春站。自助加油機是更新過的,不管是要使用各種發票載具、還是國泰世華台塑聯名卡加油金折抵、甚至是Open points跟一些信用卡活動皆可以正常使用。 比較有趣的地方是這間加油站廁所建造比較特別,男生廁所穿過長廊進入後只有小便斗,其他部分的廁所在女生廁所的入口XD。 另外,這間加油站隔壁就是小七,不管是加油還是休息可以一起完成,算是很方便的一個搭配。
The gas station here is on Line 26, which is relatively close to Hengchun City. This time around the island, in order to take the 200 county road and go through Manzhou to see Xuhai, I chose this Sumai, which uses Formosa oil products and also has self-service refueling services. Lehengchun Station. The self-service refueling machine has been updated, and it can be used normally whether it is to use various invoice vehicles, or to use the Cathay Pacific Formosa Plastics co-branded card for refueling gold, or even to open points and some credit card activities. The more interesting thing is that the toilet of this gas station is quite special. After entering the male toilet through the promenade, there is only a urinal, and the rest of the toilets are at the entrance of the girls toilet. XD. In addition, this gas station is next to Xiaoqi. Whether it is refueling or resting, it can be done together, which is a very convenient match.
Leon TSAI on Google

非常棒的加油站 服務人員親切 廁所超乾凈 隔壁還有便利商店 自助加油速度快又便利 整個油站乾凈清潔 讓人很愉快的加油
Great gas station Friendly staff The toilet is super clean There is also a convenience store next door Self-service refueling is fast and convenient The entire petrol station is clean and clean It's very pleasant to cheer
Charles Chang on Google

T. Pham on Google

this is a petrol station. like Vietnam thus even help you fill even When you re ridIng a motorbike. unlike Singapore or Malaysia. There's horse riding where some nearby on the other side of the road.

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