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903, Taiwan, Pingtung County, Majia Township, 瑪卡札亞街1號 Majia Visitor Center

電話 : 📞 +8887997
城市 : Majia Township

903, Taiwan, Pingtung County, Majia Township, 瑪卡札亞街1號 Majia Visitor Center
黃丙焜 on Google

The venue is great, you can also take the Liangshan Waterfall for a half-day itinerary.
Li Simba on Google

Liangshan Waterfall is bought from here to buy tickets. The tickets are quite cheap and suitable for the whole family, but you have to prepare food and drinks. The ones you buy are quite expensive.
ming yang on Google

又稱瑪家穀倉, 也許不是假日的關係, 顯得冷清 。有一位略顯靦腆的先生出來幫我們 做簡單的介紹, 還 特別 指出 好拍照的點, 一樓我們去的時候沒有開冷氣, 使得有些悶, 架子上陳列的商品稀稀落落的, 主要是紅藜相關的產品 ,因為是台灣好行神山線的遊程,在這邊預計停留的時間很短,拿農遊券或者限時的原民產品回饋50%的台灣pay來買很划得來。
Also known as the Majia Barn, it may not be a holiday, and it seems deserted. A slightly shy gentleman came out to give us a brief introduction. He also pointed out a good point for taking pictures. When we went to the first floor, the air conditioner was not turned on, which made it a little stuffy. The goods on the shelves were sparse, mainly Red quinoa related products, because it is a trip on the Shenshan line in Taiwan, the expected stay time here is very short. It is very worthwhile to buy agricultural coupons or limited-time aboriginal products with 50% Taiwan pay.
郭殷孝 on Google

Recommended to come here, the operators are very careful
Twiz on Google

Rich buildings
謝宏盈 on Google

涼山露營 風景優美 山形秀麗 環境乾淨 設備優良 搭配涼山瀑布健行 服務人員親切 但 浴室沒有熱水 只有溫涼水 廁所半夜晚上沒燈 中午以後會鎖廁所 中午蒼蠅爆多 會被嚇到 下午蚊子很厚 建議帶大量蚊香 免得被蚊子抬走
Liangshan camping scenery beautiful mountain shape beautiful environment clean equipment excellent match Liangshan Waterfall hiking service staff is kind but the bathroom has no hot water only warm water toilet half night no light after noon will lock the toilet noon flies will be scared to the afternoon mosquito is very thick recommended with a large number Mosquito coils are not allowed to be carried away by mosquitoes
ONE HEART. (OneHEART.) on Google

There are many tourist information leaflets placed in front of the counter of the tourist center, which can be freely referenced, and the surrounding environment is quiet. Among them, the beautifully-shaped “camping area” type wooden houses are the most eye-catching, but they have not yet opened. There should be a different look before the passengers.
Glenn Nawrocki on Google

Definitely visit the cultural centre, organic quinoa grown in the area also has great visitor information centre

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