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90051, Taiwan, Pingtung County, Pingtung City, Shengli E Rd, 41號全聯福利中心Pxmart 勝利

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90051, Taiwan, Pingtung County, Pingtung City, Shengli E Rd, 41號全聯福利中心Pxmart 勝利
林菁菁 on Google

這間全聯我經常光顧,大部分都算滿意,就在10/23日週六晚上很晚了,我在這消費,用福利卡,店員不知道沒還我;還是刷完就丟在櫃台上,總之,我在店內店外翻了皮包,完全沒看到福利卡,於是入內再問一次店員,真的都沒有我的卡,店員找都不找,回我,說她那都沒有卡 第二天一早,我又來問,另一個店員,說昨晚很晚了有一張卡,確定就是我的,好再簽單上有我的福利卡號,就在結帳完店員沒有給我,但是我進來問,她連找都不找,很失望,如果是信用卡,她也不當一回事嗎,第二天確實丟在店裡,當下我都看過桌上地上都沒有,就是店員沒有還我,福利卡事小,換成信用卡,豈不在這放一晚,能這樣不在乎嗎
I often visit this All-Union, and most of them are considered satisfactory. It was late on Saturday, October 23rd. I was spending money here. I used the welfare card. The clerk didn’t know if I didn’t pay it back; I still left it at the counter after I swiped it. Above, in short, I turned the bag inside and outside the store and didn’t see the welfare card at all. So I asked the clerk again when I entered, and the clerk really didn’t have my card. No card The next morning, I asked again. Another clerk said that there was a card late last night. I was sure it belonged to me, so I could sign the bill with my welfare card number. The clerk didn’t give it to me after the checkout. I came in and asked, she didn’t even look for it. I was very disappointed. If it’s a credit card, wouldn’t she take it seriously? It was indeed lost in the store the next day. At the moment, I have seen that there is none on the table or on the floor, but the clerk has not returned me. , The welfare card is a small matter, change to a credit card, don’t you just put it here for one night, can you not care like this?
陳國慶 on Google

Indifferent attitude, rushing off work, ignoring guests.
陳國恩 on Google

Parking is inconvenient, even locomotives are not easy to park, and illegally parked cars often block the intersection.
陳妙妙 on Google

有生鮮食材,肉類,蔬果 冷藏食品也很豐富,餅乾糖果也是很多 家庭需要的物品,商品,在這裡都可以買到。 裡面空間明亮舒適,人員服務親切。 還有電梯可以搭乘,對不方便走樓梯的人,真的是非常便利又貼心。 也有定期及不定期的優惠活動。讓顧客可以省下更多錢。 外邊停機車,比較便利,開車的話,因為是三角窗位置,需要找尋可以停車的地方。
There are fresh ingredients, meat, fruits and vegetables There are also plenty of refrigerated foods, and there are also a lot of biscuits and candies You can buy all the items and commodities needed by the family here. The space inside is bright and comfortable, and the staff is kind and friendly. There are also elevators available, which is really convenient and considerate for people who are not convenient to take the stairs. There are also regular and irregular promotions. Allow customers to save more money. Parking cars outside is more convenient. If you drive, you need to find a place where you can park because of the triangular window.
周發芽 on Google

In recent months, I have taken the winning invoice to exchange at your store. The first time I went to help me deposit the stored value but did not deduct it for me. I think it might be because I didn't remind me. The second time I took the winning invoice and exchanged it after depositing it. I told the clerk to deduct it for me, but he still didn't deduct it for me. I went back and responded to him, but said that because I couldn't deduct it by swiping my card, I exchanged the winning receipt for the third time today on 4/2. I just want to ask if the customer holds the award invoice to redeem the award, is it stored in the stored value as a fixed deposit? I also don't understand why it is impossible to print an invoice and deduct the stored value after the invoice is invalid? At least the attitude of the staff today is ok. The first two times the staff made a face that only 200 yuan should be considered. Is this an alternative marketing method? ☺️ Next time, use cash ☺️
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購物體驗極差 店員態度極惡劣 看完評論後 真的感同身受 服務業很辛苦 但是你們不需要這樣 我們是來購物的 不是來看你們擺態更沒有欠你們錢 所以拜託互相尊重 人員的部分我不公開是哪位 門面真的要顧好 不然客人一次就不敢來了….. 這顆星給整理麵包的男子 我也忘記是不是姓吳 反正他真的很讚 服務非常好 謝謝你的協助 若不是你 我也買不到我要的東西 ☺️
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