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FamilyMart 全家便利商店

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No. 208號, Chongai Rd, Zuoying District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 813

電話 : 📞 +887
網站 : https://www.family.com.tw/
城市 : Kaohsiung City

No. 208號, Chongai Rd, Zuoying District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 813
Molly Tsai on Google

At noon, the female clerk has a very casual attitude to work, and she doesn't pay attention to what should be paid attention to. She asks you to go to the machine again and press the same as you should.
林勁肇 on Google

要買酷冰沙千萬不要來這間店買,不知道是全家沒有統一牛奶的量還是怎樣,牛奶連一半都不到,之前去買其他間店的就沒這問題,問店員可不可以再多一些因為真的太少了,他回覆說他們固定就是這樣,不知道是這間店在省什麼還是你們全家沒有統一牛奶的量,如果知道我花69買一杯酷冰沙知道牛奶連杯子的一半高度都不到,我是覺對不會買,給如果有想喝酷冰沙的人建議千萬不要來這間店買酷冰沙 不知道是只有那個店員會用這麼少還是那間店的問題,但聽店員敘述應該是店的問題
If you want to buy cool smoothies, don’t come to this store. I don’t know if the whole family doesn’t have the same amount of milk, or even half of the milk is not available. It’s not a problem if I went to other stores before. Ask the clerk if I can have more milk. Some because it is really too small, he replied that they fixed it like this. I don’t know what this store is saving or your family does not have a uniform amount of milk. If I know that I spend 69 to buy a cool smoothie, I know that the milk is half of the glass. The height is not high, I don’t think I would buy it. If you want to drink a cool smoothie, I advise you not to come to this store to buy a cool smoothie. I don’t know if it’s only the clerk who uses so little or it’s a problem with the store, but listening to the clerk tells that it should be a problem with the store.
Nick Chih on Google

服務態度良好 貨品齊全 但冰咖啡冰塊也太多了吧
The service attitude is good, the goods are complete, but there are too many iced coffee ice cubes
cv g on Google

Do evening service and speaking tone need to be so bad? Do you owe you money? I won’t come to this store next time. It’s not like the previous staff. The service is so good. Why does this store often replace new staff? Please the supervisor to strengthen staff training.
Joshua Liu on Google

The environment is a bit crowded, the sun shade is broken, the tables and chairs are occupied by gift boxes, and the female clerk seems a bit stinky at noon
Yu Ting Yim on Google

3/25 大夜那位男店員態度有夠差 連基本的櫃枱服務都直接不做 整個付錢流程除了跟客人講多少錢以外 一句謝謝都直接省略 你們店家要不要直接打烊不營業算了?
3/25 The attitude of the male clerk on Da Ye was bad enough. He didn't even do basic counter service. In the entire payment process, except for telling the customer how much money, he simply omitted a thank you. Would you like the store to close and not open for business?
李胤瑄 on Google

這邊上班的員工蠻可憐的,竟然連續上班超過13天了,早就違反勞基法了,但礙於老闆的威嚴也是只能吞下肚,不然就是不知道怎麼投訴吧!? 看評論在說店員態度差,還有常換員工要人家加強教育訓練,現在倒是有頭緒了,一樣都是加盟店怎麼有些都不會換人,薪水的問題佔多數吧~那發薪水的人是誰?加盟主啊~ 衛生紙竟然還有分個人用跟公司用的,員工上班要用的衛生紙還要自己買,不能用給客人用的,加盟主到底是多摳?
The employees who work here are quite pitiful. They have been working for more than 13 days in a row. They have violated the Labor Standards Law for a long time. However, because of the majesty of the boss, they can only swallow it, otherwise they don't know how to complain! ? I read the comments saying that the clerk has a bad attitude, and there are frequent employees who need to be educated and trained. Now I have a clue. The same is that some franchise stores will not change people. The problem of salary is the majority~ The person who pays the salary who is it? Join the Lord~ There are even toilet paper for personal use and company use. The toilet paper used by employees to go to work has to be bought by themselves. It cannot be used for guests. How much is the franchise owner?
Isa Bollon on Google

Very inexpensive, convenient, and helpful.

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